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Kon-El had a lot of "Awwww!" moments. One is SUPERBOY #70, when Superboy returns from Hypertime. (That was a short-lived attempt to bring back Multiple Earths in the mainstream DCU, used in SUPERBOY and THE FLASH.) While traveling alternate Earths, Kon-El found out Clark Kent was really Superman which... hurt his feelings.

Superboy V3 #70panel

First, a visit to the Daily Planet.

Superboy V3 #70 - Page 7

Superboy and Lois head to the park, while he wonders if Lois knows Clark is Superman. There Superman is fighting the Four-Armed Terror, and is having problems because Superman is allergic to it. The Four-Armed Terror is a Jack Kirby creation, which were used a lot in Karl Kessel and Tomm Grummet's run on SUPERBOY. They even had a town near Smallville called Kurtzberg.

Kon-El takes care of the Four-Armed Terror.

And here are the "Awwww!" moments.

Superboy V3 #70 - Page 18

Superboy V3 #70 - Page 19

Superboy V3 #70 - Page 20

This was touched on again in SUPERMAN #155, when Kon-El visits the Kent Farm while Clark is visiting. Clark and Kon-El finally talked about it during the "Sins of Youth" crossover.
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