Date: 2012-12-26 02:38 pm (UTC)
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I think this is sort of interesting actually. Of course, people will notice eventually and it'd be interesting if to see what happens then if they stick to it. I want him to be kicked out of the Avengers and hunted down for a while, that could be a great story. Spidey would be a loner outcast again, but this time because he's actually a villain. Things will get back to normal eventually.

But a lot of icky stuff can happen with MJ in the mean time of course which is less good. And uh didn't Ock already have all of Pete's memories? So I fail to see why getting them again would have any real impact on him?
And I wanna know what the hell is up with the costume changes, is it just to claw at people? Before it was confirmed it was Otto I assumed they were how the new Spidey would wall-crawl (like Miguel O'Hara does) but I guess not.
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