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Three pages from Avengers Arena #2 under the cut.

I don't like the recap page at the begginning of the comic at all. I know they're going for a Battle Royale homage, but this just doesn't work for me. It feels disrespectful to fans who really like these characters and don't want to see them treated as being expendble.

This issue focuses on one of the new characters, Rebecca Ryker (or Deathlocket as Cammi names her), and I actuallly like her. The issue is narrated by her and it begins imediately following Mettle's death by having another death...already.

I didn't like Mettle's death (or the way he or Hazmat were characterized but that's not the point) but this was incredibly pointless. Red Raven literally had no lines in either issue one or two; I have no sense of who she was as a character and she's already dead. It's obvious she was just written in as cannon fodder which just pisses me off.
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