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While not all comics are perfect, I personally prefer DC over Marvel. One of the reasons why i like DC more than Marvel is because the civilians are more like able in the DC Universe. Here's an example: In the else world comic "JLA: The Nail", superheroes are feared and hated due to xenophobia towards aliens. And so because Superman wasn't adopted by the Kents, superheroes were treated just like the x-men. Here are some scans which shows why i like about the DC Universe and how heartwarming there are.

After seeing Hawkman's statue vandalised, she gave up helping humanity.

Hawkgirl was just heading by Thanagar until...

That's right she chose to save those kids from the fire, instead of leaving them. But what really made this scene that much heartwarming was when the police tried to arrest her, not only did the parents of the children stood up for her so did the neighborhood.

This is why i like this comic. Even when civilians distrust meta humans and costumed vigilantes in the DC Universe, civilians can be GRATEFUL towards them when they choose to save lives and act like heroes. Why can't people behave like that more in the Marvel Universe?

This is what i love about superhero comics in general. Heroes acting like heroes and civilians thanking them for their actions. If this was a X-men comic, the parents and everyone else would throw rocks at them despite saving those kids. Sure not every human hates mutants, but still.

Oh and here's another heartwarming moment featuring Hawkgirl. In the Unlimited episode, Wake the Dead, after Hawkgirl had defeated Grundy, some crowd call her a traitor due to her helping the Thanagarians enslave the earth. John starts to shout them down, but Hawkgirl says she deserves their abuse. As she walks off, she was thanked by the mother and daughter from the bridge, whom was saved by Hawkgirl earlier.

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