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So our hero Otto Octavius is now the Superior Spider-Man. He's using his scientific expertise to create new inventions at Horizon although he's secretly seething that Peter Parker gets the credit and not him. He's also dealing with a new "Sinister Six" comprised of C-list villains, something that offends him (being the founder of the original team).

On a date with MJ...


At the end, the Superior Spider-Man is about to finish off the Six...

In all honesty I'm actually not crazy to see that Pete is still "around". That he would return eventually is a foregone conclusion but I wish we could have had more of Otto doing his thing before revealing that, yes, the "real" Spider-Man will come through at the end.

On a related note here's a second printing variant for #700 which I would actually consider buying if it didn't cost eight bucks.

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