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First Part here,

Renee tells the MCU what's going on, and what leads they should pursue to try and capture Mr Freeze.

The cops search their leads, interviewing Victor's former associates, suppliers of the diamonds he needs for his suit (both legal and illegal) as well as suppliers to refridgeration equipment he might be buying from to walk around without his suit.

They manage to find out that someone recently stole $20 million from the Odessa Mob (Gotham's Russian mafia group for most of the 2000s), which they reason could either keep Freeze alive for a long time OR make a really big freezing device of some sort.

As they go through what they know so far, Marcus' mind drifts to what Victor told him ealier...

They alert Batman via the signal, and then pile tons of policemen into the Gotham State University presentation hall (both in disguise and in uniform) to try and capture Freeze when he shows up. The SWAT guys don't fair so well against a guy with a freeze-ray though, but while Victor's attention is distracted by using his tech to supercharge the award ceremony's AC someone else gets the drop on him.

Marcus hears about Freeze's arrest over the radio while he's waiting in the car outside, which is then immediately followed with news that the girl he and Charlie were searching off has been found. Turns out she's been dead for days. Batman approaches Driver, but the accumulated frustration of recent events tied with how they had to rely on Batman... AGAIN makes Marcus tell Batman to go to hell before driving off to the new crime scene...

Several issues later, Marcus is called forth as a witness in the Freeze trial. Victor stands accused of murdering Detective Fields, his henchmen, four SWAT members of the roof of GSU and the attempted murder of several hundred people in the auditorium.

Freeze is ruled to be insane, and is sent back to Arkham for treatment.
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