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The mission's a success, but some of the Autobots sustain pretty serious injuries along the way. Among the less fortunate is Rewind:

While waiting to see how Rewind is responding to the treatment, Chromedome gets into a conversation with Tailgate.

And so, How Rewind Met Chromedome:

The outlook is grim: Turns out Chromedome's spark is "low yield," so it's not up to the task of jumpstarting Rewind. His only chance now is if they can find someone else in the crew who's a compatible donor, as unlikely as that is.

Fortunately, they do.

If you're wondering about the time stamps in the upper left hand corners, they're there because the issue's plot is told in non-chronological order, alternating between scenes set before and set after a certain, unspecified event during the mission. The timer shows how long till/since the event.

In the final pages of the issue, we finally find out what happened at zero seconds:

He locks the door.

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