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Happy Valentine's Day! Let's celebrate with excerpts from "My Little Pony & Friends" #37, author unknown.

Mind-altering substances ahead. Be prepared!

In the 80s, there were various sets of ponies. The Twinkle-Eye ponies, the Sweetberry ponies, and so on. The Romance ponies are all about spreading love and romance. To the extent that they will cheerfully forge love letters for you.

As our story begins, two of the Romance ponies, Love Letter and Love Token, are trying to convince Quarterback to come to the "Sweetheart Parade". No doubt they're feeling a little desperate as there are only about a dozen male ponies, and several hundred female ponies. And Tug and Tracks have apparently taken themselves off the market by pairing up. Wigwam, as we have seen, is taking a doll. Help us, Quarterback Kenobi! You're our only hope!

But Quarterback does not give a flying feather about sweethearts! He just wants to play football. He's peeved by all this romance malarkey, but he accepts Love Token's offer of a chocolate . . .

. . . aaaaand it was drugged.

So of course Quarterback will fall in love with the next pony he--


Yes, Quarterback. Stand there staring at her and counting how many times she jumps up and down. That's not creepy at all.

Nimblefingers. NIMBLEFINGERS.

The Romance ponies return, and they aren't even sorry. Then everyone goes off to the parade. Another cracktastic happy* ending!

* at least until the drug wears off.

Bonus: the Adventure boy ponies!

Yep, Tug is clearly making eyes at Tracks.
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