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But you know what, it's not been a fun week and I just don't care! :)

A series of images from one jadenwithwings

Luke, Danielle and funny old Uncle Danny.

Two Heroes and a Baby by ~jadenwithwings on deviantART

Under the Hood(ie)

3 Bats by ~jadenwithwings on deviantART

3 Batladies by ~jadenwithwings on deviantART

2 Bats by ~jadenwithwings on deviantART

3 Special Bats by ~jadenwithwings on deviantART

2 Shway Bats by ~jadenwithwings on deviantART

My Pet Scarab

This is a series of strips rather than one continuous one (It's two vertical, four panel strips, side by side; three individual panels; a four panel vertical strip and then a single panel above a three panel strip), and it may take a couple of minutes to sort out the order, but trust me, it's worth it.

My Pet the Alien Scarab by ~WataDrag on deviantART

Those of you with siblings, tell me you haven't done something like this

Joys of first snow by ~Alassa on deviantART

And just for the pretty...

Nightwing Nouveau by ~st00pz on deviantART

Captn Bluetail by ~Alassa on deviantART

Who was the most badass character in Jem?

Pizzazz by ~digitallumberjack on deviantART

Three guesses! :)

And a couple of late Valentines

(Click to go to the page of the artist)

And some old fashioned DC Valentines from the 1970/80's, many of which can be rendered weired by either the application of context, or by ignoring it completely! :)

Love the innocence of "I like you!" and "You're nice", but look Aquaman has SIDEBURNS!!
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