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Hi ho Legion fans, 4 pages from LOSH #17 here. Remember the last page of last ish, how a complex quark relay station quietly goes about its business...until suddenly it doesn't? Well, as David said in Prometheus, big things have small beginnings, and so to this ish's title, "The Beginning of the End"!

We open with a badly shaken Phantom Girl materializing out of a crashed starcruiser onto a desolate world i shall acronymically dub BEON with primitive inhabitants she can't understand; the same total system failure that dropped the cruiser from the skies also took out their translators. She goes looking for the rest of her team.

 photo p2_losh-17_p05.jpg

Poor Sun Boy. He always seems to get the worst of these big epics.

Polar Boy goes wandering frustratedly around what he calls the Butt End of Nowhere (see what I did there?), making salient observations that belie the silliness of his Subby origins as he goes, and makes a startling discovery.

 photo p2_losh-17_p10.jpg

On Ultra Boy's home planet Rimbor, Ultra Boy, Glorith and Chameleon Boy were in Urban Camouflage Mode (tm damian wayne) searching for the jailbroken Tharok when all at once cruisers started falling from the sky and planetary support systems began failing on a massive scale.

 photo p2_losh-17_p11.jpg

Yes, the mastermind behind all this is in fact Tharok, leader of the Fatal Five, currently visiting with the Persuader, who has retired to a small planetoid at the hind end of the U.P. Never the prettiest peach in the basket, Tharok is looking like this now, BTW.

 photo p2_losh-17_p19.jpg

His master plan is to strike at the Legionnaires' homeworlds first to keep them distracted.

So what could possibly make the marooned Legionnaires' plight worse? How about the Promethian Giant choosing this exact moment to wake up? (Perhaps those quark relays were keeping it imprisoned?) Or if that won't do you, how about Validus landing at the crash site on the hunt for the team?

BTW, as of the end of this ish, only three of the Fatal Five are accounted for - no sign yet of Mano or Emerald Empress or of replacements for same.

NEXT ISSUE tagline: It Gets Worse. Whooboy.

Incidentally, anybody heard any word on where/when the Legion Lost crew is likely to fetch up next?
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