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Way back in his Green Arrow run (still his best DC work in my opinion), it had Ollie Queen seemingly return from the grave, but with no knowledge beyond his roadtrip across America with Hal Jordan to learn more about the Real America. You know, the road trip triggered by this infamous exchange...

After knocking a hysterical Ollie out before he could blow out one of the JLA Watchtower's windows with a bomb grenade after they insist J'onn scan his mind to solve his amnesia (after seeing a picture of the new Green Arrow he thought that they were going to replace him, same as they did with Wally and Barry), Bruce takes him back to the Batcave to see if Ollie is a clone, android, replicant or something.

Steph: Uh... Batman, isn't Shado the woman who raped Green Arrow when he was unconscious and hallucinating that she was Black Canary?
Batman: Shush.

My opinion on his later Batman mini series that followed on from some of his Green Arrow stuff? I thought that they were actually better than I expected, with the Widening Gyre being a story about Batman having a midlife crisis (written by Smith who admitted he was going through the same at the time, and smoking a lot of pot too, which explains a lot of things). There were good things there, but if both the stories were a bit more coherent they would have been a lot better.

Oh yeah, and Steph had already met Connor Hawke in Cass' book at this point, I believe. I'll post it some time.
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