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Bruce told his girlfriend Natalya his secret identity last issue with feeling guilty about lying to her all the time. Apparently Natalya takes the fact that her boyfriend is Batman pretty well? As she goes back to the Batcave again to visit Batman and talk some more, then Bruce flies her in the Batplane to her recital. Turns out though, one of Hatter's hat guys hechman sees the Batplane drop her off.

Which he alerts Hatter. Once the crazy tea sipper starts to watch the feed, he notices Natalya and thinks she's the perfect woman for the part of Alice.

Bruce finds Gordon and cops at Natalya's place and immediately tells Alfred to start tracking her, as he'd bugged her earlier. Well, Natalya is getting the ever living shit beaten out of her refusing to give up Bruce. So, Hatter puts her in a helicopter, continuing to have her beaten, while Bruce tries to reach her. Since she refuses to give up Batman's identity, Hatter finally has no more use for her and drops her out of the helicopter with her landing flat on the Batsignal, Bruce just barely missing her.

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