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Who is Batgirl...the confusion continues


By Phil Noto, the cover artist for the series. the cover for issue #2? alternate cover to #1? part of an advertising campaign?
I guess we can ignore the cassandra costume picture for clues and I think a few people predicted we'd get a few of these costume images like the battle for the cowl Batmans. I tagged this as babs because of the costume but it may not be her
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It's not really even her costume, Babs' boots cropped into bat-symbols at the top.

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Did they really? I never noticed.

Go go Google Image Search!

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If you look closely, I think they art bat-cropped at the top there. =(

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That all depends on which artist.

Besides, these guys change their outfits all the time. Could be anyone.

My money's still on Spoiler.

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My immediate reaction was "that doesn't look like Babs" although I can't pinpoint why I feel that way.

My second reaction was "oh DC, stop being a cocktease and tell us who Batgirl is so I can go back to ignoring the clusterfuck you've made of the Bat titles."

Also, is it me or is there something a little weird going on with how her chest is drawn?

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Also, is it me or is there something a little weird going on with how her chest is drawn?

Not if we assume the new Batgirl is Tim, who just hasn't got the hang of stuffing socks down his vest yet.

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The notable absence of red hair in the shot leads me to believe it's going to be Cass in the classic Batgirl outfit, modified to deal with shirt hair.

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Maybe it's the shirt hair that makes her boobs look weird...

(Couldn't resist)

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Weirdly, I think I care more about who's becoming Batgirl than who became Batman. This is also a nice piece of art. Simple but it works.

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My suspicion is that issue 1 will start with Cass as Batgirl, but it won't end that way. I'd LIKE to see Steph take over the role if that is how they're going to play it.

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I'd love Steph to be Batgirl, it would be kind of like Batgirl: Year One, cute and cheerful, and fun, and I do kind of think Batgirl should be fun, in the way Robin should be.

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I can't say why but it kinda looks like Cass to me.

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They are definitely being ambiguous with skin tone, but I'm not sure that it's anything but a fake-out.

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The skin tone screams Cass. I'm thinking (hoping) it's either her in a cheerier costume to appeal to the fanits, or else Steph, Cass and Charlie are switching off as BG. If all else fails, I'll settle for Steph as Batgirl.

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Maybe it's Harley Quinn...I've got nothing to back up that theory.

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This was my original thought also. I blame the scans of Harley stealing the Batgirl costume that were posted months ago in SD.

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*deep breath*

Okay. To me this looks like Cass. I'll also say that I wouldn't mind Cass wearing Babs's old costume. If anyone has the right to wear it now, it's definitely Cass. And with that, it makes me feel better about the possibility of Steph wearing Cass's Batgirl costume.

But I'm still uneasy about the idea of Steph being Batgirl. Feel free to correct me on this if I'm way off-base, but I feel like whenever she's had a "screw up", it's been because she was trying to follow other people's rules, live up to someone else's expectations, or prove her worth to someone else. She first made the Spoiler costume for herself, to spoil her father's plans, and although she's someone who definitely needs friends and allies, I don't think tying her down to someone else's legacy (let alone two peoples legacies: Babs and Cass at this point) will be good for the character.

(And can I get a "HELL YES" for no goddamn high heels?!? ILU, Phil Noto.)

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It does feel like her still doing that validation dance again. She's Spoiler, and can impress anybody as such as well as she can as Batgirl.

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And this right here demonstrates the rampant stupidity of the current tagging system

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Be fair, it's not like it's easy to devise a tag for something that has been a deliberate mystery for several months now.

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Its clearly Lucy Lane.

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Nonsense. Any fool would know it's Shanna, former TRS-80 Whiz Kid.

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I'd still like to see the idea someone came up with of a "Birds of Prey" style team book with Oracle leading, Cass, Spoiler, and Misfit.

Calculator's daughter is probably going to be involved somehow, too.
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That was me! Someone else came up with the idea of a rotating Batgirl in an earlier comment here, and I think that works, too!

There should be three Batgirls!

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Cass,Steph and Charlie should all share the title with Oracle in charge at home base.

It would be a big middle finger to the boys behavior in Battle for the Cowl.

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I just don't care any more. That's not true. I anti-care. For a while, then it was a toss-up between Squire and Spoiler, I was thinking about getting the book. (Sorry, Cass. Love you as much as I do, but I don't trust you in the hands of DC "writers" these days.) After dragging this "who is she?" stuff out, what, three months now...Batgirl could be Tekka ( written by Adam Warren and drawn by Doug Manke with Ted Kord as her benefactor and I wouldn't buy it, just to spite the person who thought this campaign was a good idea. DC pushed me too far, and now...I want nothing to do with it, save for using it as a target for scorn and bile.

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Been hearing a suggestion that they might be having more than one Batgirl, with it possibly being a team book with Cass, Steph and Incompetant Accidental Murderer all playing the role, with Barbara as their mentor as she is also technically Batgirl as she was first... or something.

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It is so nice to know I'm not the only person in the world who hates Misfit.

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At some point it stops being cute teasing and starts being assholeish baiting.

We Batgirl fans have been fucked around with enough the past few years. Cut it out, DC.

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please, please, please be Cass
or if DC absolutely MUST get rid of her, it better at least be Steph

if its Babs I'm gonna be furious >:(

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At least she's not wearing heels.

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The visible portion of the face looks distinctly like Cass. Looks like she just decided to wear the classic uniform Babs used back in the day. Maybe something happened to the one she usually wore, and Babs gave Cass her old one to use in the meantime or something? And now I just remembered that I really don't care anymore, at least not for the time being, because of the Battle for the Cowl nonsense that makes me want to avoid new comics until things settle down.

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Geez, if you're going to make the focus of the image her boots, could you not draw her feet so fucked up? Stunted and broken arched...*sigh*

Also, I love Cass above all others, but I gave up on them writing her with any sense of coherence and realism looooooong ago. As such, I can't say I give a fuck who the "new" Batgirl is.

Well, it finally happened....

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Well, it finally happened:

Regardless of who Batgirl is... I hope to never see another DC cover focusing on a teenager's breasts, butt or panties ever again.

Also, Barbara Gordon is not a "girl" and hasn't been for years. If they attempt to turn her into one (Bat or otherwise) I just might dump DC.