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One Perfect Moment: This is why Cyclops is the leader of the X-Men

Greetings True Believers! This Perfect Moment was mentioned in a previous Cyclops post. It deserves to be put up! These scans are from Astonishing X-Men #8. A damaged Sentinel is attacking the X-Mansion and Cyclops is pissed. Off. Check it out. Optic Blast!

HOLY SHIT! It's like something out of Dragonball Z! Scott's power level is now over 9000!!

One perfect moment

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This is something Scott had done before. In X-Factor #68 He and the team (the origional 5 X-men) are on the moon with the Inhumans fighting Apocalypse & the Dark Riders because Ol' Pocy had infected Scott's son Nathan Christopher with the trans-mode virus. He had only moments before been told the only way to save his son was to give him up by letting Askani take the child to the far future. To defeat Apocalypse Cyclops with his powers boosted by his dying son and his own unyielding grief lets rip the mother of all optic blasts. I say this moment was much sweeter because it wasn't just anger. It was grief, hurt and the fear that even if Nathan lived he would still never see the boy ever again. The art was better as well.

Re: One perfect moment

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The thing I love about comics is that I have the strange ability to pick up the best issue's out there at complete random. The danger room goes mental storyline is the only x-men story I've ever brought, but from the seen where Cyclops does that to where beast rips the female DR robots head off and is found sitting at the bottom of a crater just growling 'mine' it's all class.