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My Perfect Steve Rogers Moment

There's a little Story behind this issue and as it's my first post I thought I'd wax nostalgic.

I was like seven or eight years old and for Halloween, we learned some guy (which was probably a teenager who "outgrew" his collection. Everyone seems old at that age.) was giving out comics instead of candy. After a lot of whining to our mothers, three of my friends and I got to go to the house. I remember one got a Spider-Man comic with the Scorpion trying to kill JJJ, but I can't remember what other two kids got. Hell, I don't even remember their names. The issue I received though, blew my little single digit mind away and forever cemented Steve Rogers as my favourite super hero of all time...or until 1988-9 when I received JLI #7 and Ted Kord quickly tied him.

There is actually one other Captain America moment that ties with this in my mind, but it's from a What If...?(#44, 1984) that I long ago lost as a little kid. It's the original "What if Steve Rogers Was Not Revived Until Today?," not the two-parter from the 1990's. As that's an imaginary story, I chose to go with this instead. I'll leave the speech Steve gives at the end of that one for someone else.

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