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Superman's One Perfect Moment in the Far-Flung Future

I confess I haven't followed the Big Blue Guy all that closely over the years. But I picked up the recent Action Comics arc that followed up on the JLA's Lightning Saga stuff, because I so dig the 80's-era Legion (see 04nbod's Brainiac vs. Computo!Danielle post below), and it has what I consider a perfectly Superman moment.

But it takes a little explaining. With a slight nudge from a Time Trapper-planted fake archaeological relic that seems to prove Superman was really a human and the whole Last Son thing alien propaganda, Superman's legacy in the 31st century has been usurped by Earth Firsters who have turned Earth into an oppressive, xenophobic dystopia in his name. They've also somehow turned the sun red, which has hampered Kal's ability to operate throughout the arc - up until the page before these, when the sun suddenly goes yellow again thanks to the Legion's efforts elsewhere. That gives us this nice little moment as an aside to a pitched battle with Head Xenophobe Earth-Man. Two pages, not my scans.

That's a Science Police paddy wagon full of "illegal" aliens in the first panel.

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