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Jack "King" Kirby would have been 96 on August 28th and all over the internet comic creators are celebrating a man who was one of the architects of comics as we know them in the West.

It would behoove scans_daily to do the same, I think (a little late in my tine zone, but still valid in the US)

I confess my knowledge of Jack Kirby is not what it might be. I found his style to be striking, powerful but not always to my taste, though I have come to appreciate it more in later years.

So I've just browsed a few of the site and identified some memorable (to me) images, and hope that you will enjoy them

One of his most endearing and enduring creations

And another for whom the phrase "This man, this monster" might also be apt...

Though clearly the other way around.

In his experimental phase you never knew quite what to expect, and if he felt a collage would work better as a backdrop, by God he'd make a collage and it would be AWESOME!

And a tribute from a few years ago, written by Mark Waid, with art by the much missed Mike Wieringo and Karl Kesel. as tje Fantastic Four meet... more or less... God

Lovely... just lovely...

And speaking of lovely a scans_daily favourite! Big Barda and Scott Free... aka Mr Miracle... a loving, passionate couple who were completely besotted with each other, and neither gave a damn who knew it.

I could post many, many more images from numerous title,s heck, numeropus genres, each a classic and each unmistakably Kirby, but I'll leave it relatively short and sweet, and if anyone care to add a favourite image in the comments, more power to you!

And since this IS linked to the topic of the post I will take the rare opportunity to post a video on scans_daily, showing Jack at work

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