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So, in the last issue of Infinity: The Hunt, we were introduced to a bunch of kids from different superhero schools. (Some of the schools were there in person, some via hologram.) Then, everything changed when Thanos's army attacked.

So, that happens and then the teachers decide it might be a good idea to get the kids to a safe-house.

And the issue ends with the JG/AA/Braddock Academy kids agreeing to meet up with the Latverians in the ruins of Atlantis.

Also, apparently Damian Hellstrom had a daughter at some point and she attends the Doom school.

This was better than the first one, but it was also sorta just one giant fight scene. Plus, more pointless teen!death, hurrah.

The Doom school kids look pretty cool though, so things might pick up when they get more involved.
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