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Ah, Jervis Tetch. Generally regarded as little more than a third-stringer in the Batman mythos, with a nauseating appearance, a creepy personality, and an utterly stupid gimmick. Batman: The Animated Series is rightfully remembered for turning him into something more: a pitiful and sympathetic creature who was nevertheless just as creepy (perhaps even moreso) than his comics counterpart.

But once in a while, some story from the mainstream comics will rise to the challenge. Case in point: Detective Comics #841, in which the mastermind behind the BTAS version of Jervis, Paul Dini, sees if he can make lightning strike again.

The result? Well... it's not quite as memorable as the BTAS Hatter episodes (though that might be because the former sadly lacks Kevin Conroy and Roddy McDowall). Nevertheless, I regard it as one of the high points of Dini's hit-and-miss run on Detective, and the art from Dustin Nguyen doesn't hurt, either.

Warning: Spoilers for the issue's big twist ending, for those who haven't read it yet.

Jervis really gets to shine at the end - for most of this story, it turns out, he was a victim of his own mind-control tech. Tweedledee and Tweedledum were using him as a figurehead for the titular gang, committing various crimes with Lewis Carroll references painfully shoehorned in. But once Bruce frees him, all bets are off.

Jervis the oarmaster.

Do not mess with the Hatter. He might be half as tall as you, but get him ticked, and he will beat you black and blue with a giant oar.

Oh, and lest any of you decry this, saying that the Hatter should be all about intellect and mind control instead of being a bruiser... yeah, Dini's got you covered there, too.

Jervis forgives the Tweeds.

... or maybe not.

And they all lived happily ever after.

Next time: I come up with a real golden oldie of a villains-being-awesome moment. Or maybe I finally get to the third part of "Children's card games are serious business". Or neither.

Happy October!
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