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For the party, I bring one of the best tie-in stories to the DCAU version of Batman, and one that oddly enough doesn't even really star Batman...

It begins with someone dreaming of the iconic murder of the Waynes, only this time from the perspective of the gunman, who all these years later is still paranoid about being caught. To the extent that he's plagued by constant nightmares and begins hallucinating Bruce Wayne's face everywhere, as he worries that by leaving him alive that there's a chance he might recognise him.

Turns out that the reason why he wasn't caught is that he ended up getting arrested for an unrelated charge, and because he obviously didn't want to go from being imprisoned for a relativelty petty crime to getting punished for killing essentially Gotham's version of the Kennedys, he kept quiet about it.

Later, he's buying a sandwich when he sees on the tv an interview with a cop that managed to singlehandedly capture Killer Croc, even after the villain had incapacitated Batman (via a lucky shot dropping an engine block on Croc).

Naturally, the idea that this single button could connect him to his captial offence doesn't do that much for his paranoia, so he does the next logical thing: Buy a gun to kill the cop, and destroy the button just in case it can be used to link him to the crime.

Meanwhile, Batman drops in on the detective to thank him for saving his life, and implictly also to thank him for not giving up on solving the Waynes murders some twenty years after the event. He also mentions that Croc has put a bounty on the cop's head for his part in the arrest, and that he ought to be careful for potential assassins...

This leads pretty much where you think it does.

A thoroughly out of practice Joe Chill, goes to kill the detective, only to find Batman there waiting for him. The two grapple with each other, Chill getting a few hits in due to Batman not having recovered from the injuries he got fighting Croc earlier. He even manages to shoots him in the side. And then, while the two are fighting, Chill manages to damage Batman's mask...

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