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I’m pretty sure that teen!Jean and Quentin haven’t actually interacted since that one issue that made them seem like they were going to be BFF, so I should probably stop doing brOTP comics with them.

I saw that one panel from Battle of the Atom where Jean fangirls out about meeting future!Quentin because he’s a Phoenix host and felt the need to do a comic about it, though. First panel is a direct rip, text-wise.

Really, really hate when Cyclops/Wolverine arguments end up being pissing matches over Jean. That stopped being interesting forever ago.

Also, I don’t remember Jean ever being afraid of Wolverine. I mostly remember her being annoyed at him.

Whelp, been a while since I’ve done an “X-Kids die a lot” joke.

This isn’t actually my X-Kids playlist. Except for Totally Fucked, Totally Fucked is on my X-Kids playlist. Twice.

Oh Clint. You will never win.


Hey, look, I took a really really old, really basic joke and made it about comics! That’s sorta like being original!

The more I think about it, the more I like the Wanda/Kurt thing. Because they actually had fairly similar childhoods and a lot of things in common and when it shows up in stuff like the Wolverine and the X-Men cartoon and Exiles, it seems to work.

I find the Watcher deeply unsettling.

Again, haven’t really been following DC recently, so most of my more recent comics about them are pretty much based on hearsay and random stuff I see here. But if Connor’s back and has even a little of his old backstory/personality, yay! Good for him!

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