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A lot of comics this week! Because I forgot to do this last week! Well, not so much "forgot" as "had a ton of life stuff going on."

Any telepathic or pheromone-based super power sorta makes all of your personal relationships suspect. How can you really be sure you aren’t manipulating the other person, even if you’re not trying to? When does wishing that someone will like you turn into making someone like you?

I might be misinterpreting Benjamin Deeds’ powers here. My general impression so far has been “Meggan from Excalibur but less powerful and also a gay dude.”

I know they’re going to explain how Corsair came back from the dead, but I would kinda enjoy it if they didn’t. He blew off explaining it in the issue he came back in and I sorta hope that they don’t follow up on it.

I’m sure that the time displaced original five’s story isn’t actually shitty, but I haven’t really been reading it, so I can’t say for sure.

Boy, it sure took a lot of words to reach that non-punchline.

…I honestly don’t know, I just had this idea and then…yeah. I don’t know.

I didn’t spend a lot of time on this one because I was drawing it in a Starbucks and people kept looking over my shoulder and watching me draw, which makes me intensely uncomfortable.

Just scratching the surface of Wolverine’s offspring here. (No pun intended.) Dude gets around. There are a bunch I didn’t include, but that doesn’t mean I forgot them! It just means I didn’t feel like drawing every one of Wolverine’s various crotch goblins. There’s a lot of bublets. Snikters. Whatever.

For the record: Wild Thing (MC2) Kirika (AoA) Raze (BotA) Daken (616) X-23 (616) Torrent (What-If: Battleworld) and Jimmy (Ultimates)

Yes, I'm aware X-23 is a clone. Yes, I'm aware Wolverine's healing factor will grow his wolverjunk back. (Despite the fact he currently has no healing factor, but we all know that won't last.) Yes, these are all real complaints I got.

Ha ha, Teon. You will never be important again.

This is one of those things I think about too much.

Boy, you can tell exactly when I ran out of time with this one, huh?

I’d imagine that being a knowledge-based superhero has a lot of really annoying drawbacks.

I think I hit all of Scott’s major relationships. I skipped over stuff like his trip to alternate reality bone town with Frenzy.

Well, that's about it. If you enjoyed these, you might want to check out my tumblr:

If you didn't enjoy these, you might want to send me a long message about how shitty my art is and how I probably don't even actually read comics.

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