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A perfect moment: Inspector Runge

Okay, so you have an wrongfully accused man chasing a guilty one. You need a cop to chase the innocent one, too, right? Monster provides us with a rather creepy one named Runge (Lunge in some translations and the anime).

Runge has two defining characteristics. The first, is that he has an odd mnemonic device to store information. Basically, he types the information on the air, and it's stored in the computer in his head. Then simply make the appropriate gestures, and the information is retrieved. This is both very creepy and oddly cool, and the almost robotic nature of those gestures highlights his second defining characteristic: he is one of the most single-minded people in all of fiction. This is the trait we'll be examining in our perfect moment.

Context: A copycat murderer has popped up, using Johan's crimes as a template. Runge figures this out easily, including determining the real killer, but decides to use the crime as bait to attract our innocent protagonist. Surely, enough, he comes to investigate the crime, but things don't go well for Runge.

You see, the real murderer (in this case) has figured out that Runge knows the truth, and decided put an end to the threat of Runge talking with a knife to the good inspector's gut.

Cut scan: driving off with a gun pointed at Runge's head in case he wakes up.

Yeah, like that would stop him.

Today's lesson: you do not mess with Heinrich Runge. As usual, all scans taken from Spectrum Nexus.

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Ah, I loved this bit. He's so awesome :p