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The best explanation of Kory/Dick 'ship I've ever seen.

A single panel from the two-page "Origin of Starfire" backup in 52 Week 41.

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See, that's cute, but missing the point to me. Kory's primary character trait wasn't being bombastic (Where on earth did they get "high-sounding; high-flown; inflated; pretentious" from Kory???) or intimidating, it was in her complete and utter emotional honesty.

Back before they met, Dick was seriously uptight, he was reaching a point where he wanted a life of his own, but was too tied to being Robin as in "Batman and Robin" for that to be easy, and he felt guilty for wanting that.

Ultimately it was Kory's completely uninhibited nature which helped him see it really WAS okay to have and express feelings, including resentment of the being in Bruce's shadow, and that helped him mature to the point where he no longer needed to be Robin, and indeed, couldn't be.

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Yeah, it's funny that this kind of implies that she was more like Batman when really she was not like him in ways that Dick also wasn't by nature? He couldn't very well "find himself" as his own man with yet another Batman to intimidate him. As an adult it seems like that comes up a lot. If I was thinking of a girlfriend he had that was more like a female Bruce I'd say it was Barbara.

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Kory shares some traits with Bruce: great power, utter commitment, loss of family. But she also showed Dick that those qualities don't mean you have to shut yourself down emotionally.

As I recall, Marv Wolfman and/or George PĂ©rez has said that one reason Kory is immediately attracted to Dick in The New Teen Titans is the bare legs. She can see that in some ways he's already open and not easily intimidated.

Plus, of course, there's the sex factor. They were both around twenty years old when they became an item, and the two sexiest people on the planet.

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If I was thinking of a girlfriend he had that was more like a female Bruce I'd say it was Barbara.

Absolutely. I always found that scene hilarious in Nightwing-Huntress, where Babs is telling Dick "I get that she reminds you of -- I get that she feels familiar," like Dick sleeping with Hel was some Oedipal thing... when Helena is pretty much nothing like Bruce and Babs is a few smiles a year shy of his clone.

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LOL! Totally! Especially since I can somehow also imagine Bruce trying to write off a hook up of Dick's that disturbed him in a way that seemed to say more about him than Dick.

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Maybe Babs was talking about Kory?

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Agreed on the Babs is most like Bruce.

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I think the writer meant "boobtastic."

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See, I always hated Dick/Kory because it seemed like Junior/Moon Maid in Dick Tracy (, and added a sci fi element to the Batverse that couldn't as easily be avoided as Superman or Darkseid.

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Except that at the time, Robin WASN'T in the Batverse per se. He wasn't working with Batman regularly, he was having solo superhero adventures at Hudson University until he dropped out (just prior to NTT#1), and the Titans was his real home.

Limiting Dick Grayson to the Batverse always seems to miss the point of his outgrowing the role of Robin.

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I understand/understood why they did it. I'm just saying that it didn't serve the character as well as they'd hoped. Dick will always be tied to the Batverse, and that's not necessarily a bad thing. Kory adds a facet to Dick's history that's on par with the 1950s stories that are currently being re-included in the Bat History, just as the moon folk are forever tied in to the Tracy history.

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See, I just can't read that any way but slashy.

Anyone know which writer it was?

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I thought all four of the guys wrote every issue together?

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I thought it was just intense sexual attraction and maybe some friendship.

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(OZLelila on LJ)

Yeah, there was that, no doubt, but it was a total case of opposites attracting; Dick is a rock, while Kory is a total free spirit.

I STILL like them together. Despite Kory's "There can't be any halfway about this" kiss off in a recent issue of Titans, I really doubt they're done. Bruce will show up, take the cowl back and Dick will go back to the Titans. And then it will start again. They can't help it; get them in the same city and sparks will fly.

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Am I the only one who really REALLY wants Kory to find someone new and awesome and not likely to have many other lover interests? I mean, she's been tied to Dick for like.. her entire existence. Ignoring the arranged marriages because, well, they're arranged marriages. It always seem so unfair when Kory's called the slut when she's fully committed. XD

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If Guy Gardner wasn't so utterly in love with Ice I would like to see her go out with him.

If only for the pleasure of seeing how many uninhabited planets would get destroyed whenever they had an argument.

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"It always seem so unfair when Kory's called the slut when she's fully committed."

Hee. In the X-men/Teen Titans one-shot, Kory all but jumps Peter's bones when she discovers that he speaks Russian, and while that may have generated tension for Peter and Kitty, you can see that Kurt has no such reservations. Of course, for Kory it's all about language acquisition, but in the non-poly-friendly 80s, you can see how that might not have been so perceived.

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Scans or it never happened ;)

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I've said it before, I'll say it again, I always imagined a scene set in the X-Titans verse a couple of weeks after the events of the crossover as Kory takes an intercom call at Titans Tower.

"Kory? It's Vic, there's a kid here at the front door, says he's a friend of Kitty Pryde... something about language lessons for you. Name of Doug Ramsey... never seen a kid so darned KEEN!"

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(OZLelila again)

Wait...doesn't Dick speak Russian?

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I say she should hook up with Roy.

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You are doing an absolutely horrible job of promoting TEH GHEY.

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