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These are from Sensation #19 published in 1943. The art is by Frank Godwin again, and the story is titled (in the Archives volume) "The Unbound Amazon". This is when the idea that Amazons go berserk if their bracelets are removed was introduced.

A "brunette". That narrows it down to roughly 70% of the women on the continent.

So that's what New Yorkers look like.

I'm not saying anything. There's no need, really.

Mavis, you really should threaten not to spank her, you'd get better results.

"Free to destroy like a man." Yeah, because this is what men do all the time.

Paula to the rescue.

There! Now that Wondy's tied up, she feels alllll better.

Just examine the premise for a moment: Amazon girls always have to be bound, at least by bracelets, so as not to go berserk.

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Oh, you don't know? Ask young Master Grayson and the stretching excercises he knows so well. It's how he's able to "keep up" with the bricks in the squads that he rolls with.


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