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As Wong, Kondo and Akamatsu sail down the river, Kondo explains where he first encountered Cranston and the Shadow...

The general scoffs at this story, saying that it sounds more like a something made up to frighten children, but despite this Wong is the one who actually points out that if you're okay on the steppes late at night you can learn to believe in all kinds of weird things.

Akamatsu asks how Wong and Kondo managed to survive Allard/the Shadow's rampage around Shanghai all those years ago, and the answer is simple: they both just happened to be out of town on business at the time. Kondo explains he was able to work out Allard, the Shadow and Lamont Cranston were the same person.

Kondo was in New York several years ago to meet with some Mafia contacts, and happened to see Allard going by the name name Cranston in the society pages of a newspaper. Later, while he was being entertained by the gangsters, he heard the Shadow's iconic laughter while he had stepped away from the party for a few minutes, and promptly legged it when the shooting started. After this be put two and two together and worked our all three where the same person.

Further down the river, Lamont and his own crew come across a town where Kondo and Wong's men had made a pitstop on their journey.

He begins to tells Margot what the soldiers did to them, she tells him to shut up or she'll kill him, her having seen the bodies putting her in no mood for his flippancy. The US marines then set to work burying the dead, which eats up several hours of their time.

Later, Lamont explains why exactly he made the team stop off at that town...

A while later, the American boat catches up with Kondo's. The Japanese soldiers open fire upon the Americans, who return fire. Finnegan yells at the marines to close in so they can board the enemy ship, only for Lamont to start wondering why the other's have stopped firing at them. Realising something must be wrong, he grabs Margot and rush to the back of their boat.

It's at this point the marine captain, watching the Japanese soldiers through some binoculars, realises that they're just watching the Americans and that maybe following Finnegan's order to charge straight at them was a bad idea. He orders them to reverse course, a move that confuses Finnegan... right up until the point the sea-mines the Japanese soldiers left in the river as a trap blow up their boat...

To Be Continued...


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