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With the seeming failure of their mission, the General has decided that the only way to cleanse himself of the disgrace is by committing ritual suicide, via disemboweling himself and with Kondo on hand to decapitate him when the pain becomes too great. Unbeknownst to Akamatsu, however, the rocks were actually the real deal, and Kondo lied in order to get a higher cut of the profits for himself when he takes them to sell to the Russians or Germans.

He takes a great deal of pleasure in telling the General all of this right when he'd already cut himself open (not so loudly that the other men can hear, mind) and how he's also going to enjoy sleeping with both of the general's daughters. His realisation that he'd been tricked into gutting himself makes the general seem to panic and shout for help, only for Kondo to decapitate him as previously instructed.

Kondo's second-in-command mentions that it's a shame that the General appeared to loose his nerve at the last minute there, while the Major just says that he died in a manner fitting a samurai. He then tells his men to gather up the rocks and get the enslaved villagers to carry them North. After all, he reasons, just because they "know" the rocks are useless doesn't mean that the Soviets won't...

Lamont, meanwhile, Lamont has outlined his plan to Pat, who... isn't happy.

Cranston decides to be straight with Pat, asking whether it seems odd that Anders back in the US asked an agent who only just managed to scrap his way into university on a football scholarship on such an important mission with two civilians in tow? Despite over a century and a half of existance, the Americans don't have much of a cohesive spy agency, and as such Anders was forced to make use of people (like Lamont) who don't have the same training as people like Pat...

Pat, being loud, jingoistic, and kind of stupid, is exactly the wrong kind of person for this kind of work. He just draws too much attention... which is exactly why Anders chose him to go along this time. With Anders around, no one paid attention to Lamont and Margot as Finnegan just naturally draws so much attention to himself.

However, if this plan succeeds then Anders' agency will get the funds and powers he needs to actually make it into something useful, which Pat will surely benefit from... albeit he'd probably moved to somewhere he won't, say, get a ship full of marines under his command accidentally blown up.

Pat's ego suitably deflated, Lamont and he take the things in the crates from earlier and set to work with the plan...

Later, the Japanese soldiers are walking across an open field, only for the Shadow to appear in front of them. He yells at them, calling them rapists and murderers, claiming that they cowards who wouldn't dare attack an armed man instead of drunken bandits and harmless villagers. This, naturally, infuriates the soldiers who rush on ahead of Kondo and the villagers carrying their rocks to kill the Shadow... only get blown up by Kondo's sea mines, which Lamont and Pat had taken from the supply camp and buried in the field as a trap.

Kondo curses them and rides off, having escaped the Shadow for a fourth time. Lamont then approaches the villagers, giving them the gold Kondo had originally paid Wong with, the Shadow having swiped it when he was killing the warlord. He tells them that they're free... but if they're willing to spare some more of their time, he can pay them even more money on top of that...

Several weeks later, Lamont and company arrive in Northern India, where an Anglo-Indian patrol meets up with them. It seems that the British had recieved word that Lamont and the cargo, now identified for what it is, uranium, would be coming across the border soon.

Epilogue: Years have past, and Kondo is back in Japan, having used the war to amass a considerable fortune. However, he's also aware that the war isn't going well for Japan, so he's already made plans and multiple identities elsewhere to set himself up in considerable comfort when the evitable defeat occurs.

"I know."

And, no, the implication isn't that Hiroshima was bombed just to kill this one despicable person, the Shadow just happened to know that karma would place Kondo right where a bomb made of the material he killed so many to get would be dropped. 'Cause fate.
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