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One more request: When Kitty met Ororo

There was a request about this scene, working from hearsay that Kitty was surprised that Ororo was black. As you'll see, this isn't quite the case.
One panel from X-Men (v1) #129, collected in the Dark Phoenix Saga TPB.

It wasn't Ororo's skin that surprised Kitty, it was her eyes!

Anyone else think we might could do with a tag for filled requests?

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As awkward a question it is... I would ask it to.

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Is that Logan in the back, grinning over a Hustler with people giving the back of his head dirty looks?

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Yes it is. With Peter hovering over his shoulder looking appalled.

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I don't think he's appalled so much as completely flummoxed.

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Though isn't this after he loses his virginity in a Savage Land threesome?

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Possibly, but Zabu was a very gentle lover.

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My brain is safe as I don't know who Zabu is. Obviously, someone must rectify this by posting scans.

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Hint: He's joining the Pet Avengers.

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No scans to hand, but you might want to try here ( and "here ( for a little background

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Ah, sabertooth-tiger-on-giant-Russian-metal-dude action. Gotcha.

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Oh, this panel's awkward.

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Of course, Ororo is merely the latest blue eyed, white haired, black women in her family line as it's a matrilineal trait IIRC. Though that probably wasn't retconned in at this point.

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I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Scans Daily!
Next time I see that guy, I'm going to tell him he was wrong!

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The guy who told me that Kitty was surprised that Ororo was black.

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I thought he was pissed that Ororo wasn't black enough

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Nope, he misremembered and thought Kitty was surprised that Ororo was black.

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Ooh, diss on Ororo's part.

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"I have never seen a 'Sue' with my own eyes before. I thought your kind to be only feverish imaginings of repressed and insecure writers, and yet here you are."