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Proteus vs. Wolverine: Shreds of Humanity

Greetings True Believers! I'm here again. This is the back-up story from Classic X-Men #32. It's called "Shreds of Humanity" and it stars Proteus, Wolverine and Nightcrawler. But it's really about Wolverine. I was going to post it for the OPM week but Photobucket scanblocked me. This story is so bad-ass so I'm going to post it anyway.

The tale is set during the X-Men's epic battle with the mutant villain Proteus. (One the defining moments of Marvel's merry Mutants, as one of their main purposes is to not only protect mutants from the rest of humanity but to protect the human race against out-of-control mutants.) This story is also prime Wolverine. Before he was overexposed, on million teams and suffed from the "god" syndrome. (Like Batgod, Wolviegod, Supergod.) He was one of the strongest characters of the X-Men's second generation. He was a grown man, bitter and jaded. He had no past and did not fully embrace the X-Men's peaceful philosophy. He loved Jean and his "rival" relationship with Scott gave us one of comicdom's truly great love triangles. He was a gruff older brother to Nightcrawler and Colossus. A threat to members like Iceman and Angel, a fellow rogue to members like Banshee and Thunderbird. Wolvie in his prime was a lot of different things but he was always pure bad-ass, which this post shows. Enjoy!

The Proteus storyline is still my favorite X-Men one. To me it has everything an X-story should. Proteus is also my favorite x-villain and who I believe had a lot more potential then was ever realized. He could be a malevolent Mr. Impossible or Q to the X-Men. He would have to been depowered to a certain level but it could have worked. Under the right writer he may been a Joker-type villain, sort of the example of the ultimate negative possibilty of mutant powers. His relationship with Moira was great too. It's heavily implied that he was a child of rape and Moira had a complex relationship with him. Given some of his dialogue during this storyline, it's had a very deep streak of Oedipus. Very creepy.

This is set when Wolvie and Nightcrawler run into Proteus after he had escaped from Muir Island and possessed a police officer. Proteus has just attacked them with his reality-warping powers.

Nightcrawlers begs Wolvie to stay calm because Proteus is too powerful. "Oh, God, no. Wolverine! Please! This is no time to play the tough guy!"

The fight between Logan and Proteus is devastating to Wolvie because Proteus' powers seriously mess with with Logan's enhanced senses.

Proteus turns Wolvie into a dali-esque spider-creature. At this point, I like to make a note about Proteus' mutant powers. During the story there is confusion whither he actually warped reality or made people think it with telepathy. It was confirmed in later that he actually did warp reality.

I really like this dialogue and art.

Proteus then turns Wolvie into a stereotypical blockheaded tough guy. But Wolverine just won't go down.

That is Wolverine. Love him or hate him, he is a balls-to-wall never give up warrior. That is also Proteus, consumed by hatred and his own powers. Determined to share his pain and hate with the world, utterly convinced of his own superiority. A perfect villain.

I hoped everyone enjoyed!

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This was one of the better back stories in Classic.