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Amazing Spider-man 598, The Power of Harry eyelashes

Harry get in touch with his inner beauty. I swear, look at the third panel, look like he checking himself out in the mirror wondering if beauty enough, and those lips. I like the artist athough. Also is it me or everyone with has a Great Teacher Onizuka face, you know, the one with the lips when someone is trying to look pissed but funny.

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Look how dreamy his eyes get when he looks at the nice suit Daddy gave him, and the manner in which he asks if his BEST FRIEND will die at the hands of HIS DAD.

I'm sorry, Harry is damned.
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He doesn't know Spidey is Peter.

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Wait, did they just pull pre-drug Harry out and plug him in here? So this Harry was NEVER the Goblin?

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Also: okay, but Norman knows. So what reason did Peter have to not tell him?
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A part of MJ's deal with Mephisto was that everyone would forget who Spider-Man really was. That includes Norman and Harry.

The only people who know now are the Fantastic Four, the New Avengers, and MJ.

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But that slices the heart out of one of the most distinctive parts of their history. It's one reason he's Pete's worst enemy.

Okay, that's stupid. Better to have entirely rebooted than to make it half-assed.

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I try hard not to think about how Norman's behavior makes, oh, ZERO sense if we now assume that he doesn't know Peter's identity. Seriously, why does he care so much about Spider-Man if he doesn't even know who he is? But then I think that BND has fragments of good plot in an ocean of stupidity, so don't ask me.

So yeah. Neither Norman nor Harry knows, and Harry is pretending to be "the good son" - which requires sacrificing that meddling jerk Spider-Man (as Harry always saw it before he knew who Peter was, pre-OMD) in the process - so that he has a chance of rescuing Lily and his unborn child. Buuuut the status quo doesn't necessarily stay the same by the end of this issue.