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The Swamp Thing, when Allec met Alex.

Ive always wanted to contribute something to this community since back when were were still in LJ.

Better late than never, right? First time posting, so please tell me if Im doing it wrong... because Im not sure how to work the LJ cut.

So this is what I will be sharing, my favorite arc of Swamp Thing under Allan Moore starting with issue #46 “Revelations” collected in Swamp Thing Vol. 4 "Murder of Crows"


By this time in the series, John Constantine had been sending Allec all over the United States to see and experience some dark and sinister events, John later reveals that this was in order to prepare Allec for the coming of a great crisis...

The people who John is referring to are the Brujeria, a group of male witches dressed in tailcoats made of human skin planning to awaken the Primordial Darkness and storm the gates of Heaven.

Next time, on the Swamp Thing: The Parliament of the Trees! Where is the Evil in all the wood?

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Hey, I don't make policy. :P

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I know. It was Dan DiDio or Paul Levitz. I'm just venting.