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I posted Vision's bit from Avengers Assemble 2013 because I really didn't know where else Vision pops up in recent comics, but then I found out he was in this year's Uncanny Avengers run, so I decided to just get them and see what's happening.

Well, Vision's doing something. He's doing something a lot.

So in #01, Vision heads to Counter-Earth with the rest of the squad to find Wanda. As usual, he's not happy, being the bitterest android.


(One issue later in #03)

...apparently it's not just Wanda and Pietro getting a grand old retcon.

But dude...dude you just met her, sweet jeezus. Wait how does ANY of this work!? Are they organic, techno-organic, the same thing that Phalanx were? 

Omg, either Wanda's brain patterns are in Eve or Eve's brain patterns are in Wanda or something, isn't it. The impending soap opera, I can feel it, it's coming.

They came to grab Wanda to make sure she didn't explode, how the fuck is this going to help!?
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