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The Bat Gang examine the tooth Batman stole from the dead FPC officer, and after discovering tiny USB ports in it, they discover that it's actually a micro-processor the man was using to smuggle some illegal information. What information? Tora goes to work on it and finds out. And while that is going on, Jim searches through his grandad's stuff to find more clues as to who or what Batman actually is.

It's at this point that Dr Goss comes back, who is understandably angry at Batman blowing things up in the FPC building, and getting her daughter involved of all things. She says that she didn't say anything when he started spouting his John Locke and talk about civil disobedience, heck she didn't say anything when she realised that a man wondering around in a weird suit adopted an orphan, but now she's got real doubts about the entire enterprise.

These doubts are quickly sushed by Tora when she explains what the stakes, both for WHY Batman attacked the FPC like he did and for what they'd uncovered. It seems that the dead man was a courier transporting the plans for the chemical weapon, either while acting as a double agent or was just disguised as one of them. However, although it's possible that the guy was working for some group outside of the US... it's more likely to suspect that he wasn't, and this isn't some kind of supervillain scheme they're dealing with.

It's more likely the framework being set up for a military coup. Batman remembers one of the FPC people seeming jumpy, almost as if he was waiting for something. Yet when Batman showed up, the jumpy man shot the courier first before they began firing on Batman, as if they wanted to keep whatever he had on him secret. Since they people in the subway answer to Tibble, who answers to Mercer, who in turn answers to Pravdzka, it seems that there is a power struggle going on in the FPC, and the courier and his contact are at the centre of it.

To get this sorted out, Batman says, they need someone on the inside to get them access to the players, and Goss says she has someone in mind. Someone with a serious grudge against those in charge...

Back at his grandfather's place, Jim manages to finally get into the file by typing in a random name from Commissioner Gordon's casefiles, "Bruce Wayne". This gives him almost a century's worth of secrets surrounding Batman, the GCPD's REAL file on the person. He gets a call from Tibble, who has broken into Jim's office and started helping himself to his cigars.

Tibble tells him that he knows that Jim left for the country, but he still wants to get that file as soon as possible. His boss, Pravdzka, will be there and wants to read it all in person. He hangs up, only to be replaced with a holographic image of Batman, who asks for Jim's help. He tells him that he's been watching him, but doomsday is coming, and tries to arrange a meeting between them, which Jim agrees to.

Shortly afterwards Jim calls Dr Goss and asks her to pass on details of where Gordon'll be meeting with his superiors, Jim having worked out that Batman could only have known where he was by Dr Goss telling him. A little later, they begin enacting their plan.

While Robin acts as a distraction, drawing the cops and FPC away from the meeting, Batman goes to the meeting with Tibble, Mercer etc. while Tora does something that even she has some doubts about.

Mercer, realising that Jim wasn't going to give them the real file on Batman, attempts to force him to comply, when Batman appears and beats up the three FPC higher ups.

Realising the mistake he's made, Mercer attempts to just stab Batman, only to get kicked in the face in response. With Tibble knocked out within moments of Batman arriving, it just leaves their Boss, Pravdzka, who Batman makes a point of deliberately terrifying, telling him that when he wakes up, it'll be in a jail cell. The man asks Batman who he is, getting the response,

"Me? I'm the shade in your periphery, the thing that goes Bump. I'm the nightmare you dreamt and then forgot. I thought you knew."
"W-who are you?"
"You'll never know."

Batman meets up with Jim, who tells him that he's left Gordon with a hell of a mess to clean up. Or, at least, he would have if Batman were officially there, which he isn't. He then asks Batman whether it was wise to openly publish a WMD's formula on the internet for everyone to access? Batman replies that he only included enough for people to tell what it was and who was involved, as well as the antidote.

This seems enough for Jim, who hands over the file he'd collected, itself the only copy now that Gordon had deleted all of the other copies of the files. Now the only people who know about Batman are Jim and the Bat Gang, but Jim "Isn't going to tell anyone about it... Bruce."

Batman is confused as to why Jim is doing this, and Gordon says that he's doing for the same reason as Batman himself. He then tells him to make it scarce, as the cops and media are making there way there, and Batman probably doesn't want to be seen just yet.

And with that, the Batman who might be Bruce Wayne vanishes into the night.

The End.
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