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Agent Orange Conclusion

4 pages from Green Lantern #42, the conclusion of the Agent Orange arc.

Hal gets in touch with his greed:

Later Hal finds his hope. What is it?:

The blue ring leaves Hal and goes back to Ganthet's planet. The Guardians make a deal with Larfleeze where he'll leave them alone and they give him directions to Ganthets planet.

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'Don't you dare dent it, it's in mint condition!'

I love Larfleeze...and that the orange lantern calls Hal 'Mr. Jordan.'

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the orange lantern calls Hal 'Mr. Jordan.'

Which might be an interesting bit of commentary about how Hal wants to be respected (Geoff Johns' idolizing of Hal aside, most characters outside the GLC never really respected him, except for the whole Final Night save-the-world-death) and furthermore, to live up to his memories of his father.

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Oh, that was wonderful. I love it when Johns takes shots at fanboys.

Which is what Emoboy-Prime is, of course.

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I'm amused that Hal was too shallow to realize that his biggest hope was shallow and short term.

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I used to make cracks about Hal Jordan being a legitimized Zap Brannigan.

Your comment is Totally in line with those cracks!

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" your own Guardian "

I was expecting " your own Corps ", for some reason.

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Nah, he LIKES most of the Corps, being able to boss around the little blue shits would probably be a power fantasy of not just Hal but most Lanterns.

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Hal can haz cheezburgers?

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One, no, TWO hamburgers!

Not really a "think big" guy is he?

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If he was, he wouldn't be having such problems with the blue ring.

I think this whole arc is just to prove that there's only one color for Hal, and that color is Green.

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Maybe it's two of these hamburgers (,2933,528069,00.html).

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It's always been hal's biggest strength - and weakness. He's direct, he rarely has any subterfuge, and is pretty much a blockhead. I mean, when this guy goes off to sulk, he creates an Emerald City in orbit, and turns himself into the "King who sleeps" archetype (Kingdom Come). What better proof. And yes, he does make the perfect Green lantern in that sense.

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That was Alan Scott in Kingdom Come, though, not Hal. But otherwise, I agree.

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And after this the Guardians more or less directly fuck over Odym. Good job Guardians.

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Also Hal see's "Tomorrow" sadly not what I thought it was when I first saw it. He just glimpses the future.

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You were imagining him doing the showstopping number from "Annie"?

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"Well, you did do something. You pissed him off."

"You've got to be kidding me."

Comedy gold!

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I love how bitchy all the rings are.

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Power levels 7839%

Oh shit.

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I said that as well. Of course that means he only had the power of 78.39 Green Lanterns at the time.... but I suppose if it said 360,000% we would've HOLY FUCKED too much.

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So, what WAS the Orange Lantern oath, which the the creators said was their favourite of them all. Was it just "Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine!" a la the seagulls in "Finding Nemo"?

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They haven't said Larfleeze's oath yet, tis a shame.

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Oh yeah. I'd love to get a copy of that panel with Larfleeze holding his battery (the one with the power level reading), but minus the text. That is such an awesome picture.

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I'm scared to buy the book now because I totally love every one of these pages. The characterization seems dead on (Hal's true hope show's he's as deep as a street puddle, the lantern itself is psychotic, John isn't a complete moron), the art is good, and for some reason, I have the curiousity orb from Portal voicing the Orange lantern. And the orb even is *drumroll* orange!

If they really go to Ganthet's planet and put the beat down I will be a sad panda.

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I am afraid you will be a sad panda. The last page before the epilogue is Larfleeze and his ghost!Corps showing up to fight the Blues. D:

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I just cant stop seeing Alf in Larfleeze

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Nah, not Alf. Uncle Deadly ( (Which is why Hal's comments about him looking like Gonzo cracked me up - he sure does look like a Muppet, but not Gonzo, mated with a boar or not.)