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JMS Off Thor: For Reals This Time

As reported HERE. One slightly spoilery image from the article under the cut for legality.

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Of course, I thought he was on his way out as far back as OMD. He's not happy with that. And apparently he was upset about having to deal with some big Thor-related crossover planned, "Siege of Asgard."

If he must be replaced, my choice is Fraction, who's done good work with the character.

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Motto, motto, motto to both halves of the comment.

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Double motto.

I hope Bill gets to punch Loki right in is stupid face.

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Triple motto.

I'm hoping that if Bill becomes the newest Marvel superhero, they'd name him Sergeant Southwest, Tornado Belt Bill, or somesuch.

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Fuck Joe Q. Seriously. How anyone in their right mind could fuck over JMS the way he has is mind-boggling.

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Is he though? My impression was that JMS was really busy with other things and didn't really have time for comics (hence the Twelve being in eternal limbo)

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"The best Marvel comic on the stands"

So they're killing it, of course.

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Sometimes I find myself tempted to only read mediocre but popular books, so I won't have to suffer through cancellations.

Well, I'll leave when he does

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Ah, damn, I would have liked to see where JMS was going. Oh, well, Marvel saves me yet more money -- that was the last regular Marvel comic I was buying. I'll buy Reborn for love of the character, but I confidently expect Marvel to fuck it up, so I doubt that will last for long.

I still vividly remember staring at Civil War #7 and going "*wow*, you guys really don't want my (nasty liberal) money, do you?" and it's been amazingly true as my Marvel list dropped to substantial to one to now, nothing.

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Oh well, looks like I can finally stop to grudgingly enjoy a Thor comic. That felt really weird anyway.

A conclusion to The Twelve would also be very nice, thank you.

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Not surprised. Among other things, look at the schedule, and the increased amount of work he's been doing at DC.

Depending on his replacement, getting a comic that comes out on something resembling a monthly schedule might be nice.

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Not sure on that one. JMS might be a flake (and I thought Babylon 5 had only a couple good seasons) but he was what I read Thor for. His replacements on Supreme Power have been destroying all my reasons for reading that title.

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As much as I hate delays, I was willing to live with it for the sheer quality of Thor (even after the slow start). It's a rare comic you can actually savour every page.

Knowing Marvel they'll turn it into a train wreck now like everything else good.