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Two more pages from Green Lantern #42 if this won't make you think the Guardians are jackasses, nothing will.

The GL's and Guardians whilst fighting eventually get Larfleeze to listen again and the Guardians and Larfleeze strike a new deal with Larfleeze wanting to know only one thing (since Hal finally used his Blue ring and it escaped)

I can only hope that at this point the Blue Lanterns alliance with the Indigo Tribe has come through since the Blue's are virtually defenseless without a GL there.

Date: 2009-06-26 01:19 am (UTC)
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I always thought the Guardians were assholes, and their "protection" of the universe suspicious. And Vega was off-limits to them even all the way back to the Omega Men first appearing in GL, right? Though this wasn't the explanation.

And lucky, lucky GL comics, with their decentralized protagonists--MANY human GLs, sometimes all at once--so that instead of having endless retcons they can have history lasting longer than an emo kid's blink. No Crisis harms them. This may be why, as Supes and those fade, this comic keeps getting readers. It's the only one with a solid and comprehensible history that isn't just continuity porn.

And I swear to god I want Nekron to be behind Darkest Night. Yes, I was that much of a GL fan at 11 or 12.


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