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Can a harried Asylum Director and a soon-be-cured Arkham inmate inspire a ragtag bunch of villains to sweet, sweet baseball victory?

Answer: No. No, they can not. Requested by [personal profile] ozaline from the July Request Post!

The Arkham v. Blackgate game started with a bet between Jeremiah Arkham and Blackgate's warden. Here Arkham hopes it'll be the start of a successful 'recreational therapy' case study for the Arkhamites:

Arkham is assisted in herding the Bat-villains by an inmate Doctor Faustus (not the Marvel one), who's actually thriving in the new environment:

The big day arrives. The Blackgate warden says something interesting, regarding his opinion of the supervillains:

It's time to play ball, and the Arkhamites are doing pretty well.

Look at Firefly: that bastard could've rocketed the hell out of there, but he's just having the best time right now:

Close to losing, Blackgate decides to provoke Amygdala, Arkham's star player, into raging out on them:

And so it all ends how everyone expected it would end: with Arkhamite and Blackgatian alike beating the absolute tar out of each other.

In the middle of the rumble, some Blackgate inmates enact their escape plan via chopper. They're shot down, but the temptation proves too much for Doctor Faustus, the Arkham team's trusted baseball captain:

And, as a final kick 'o the balls, Arkham realizes Doctor Faustus wasn't as cured of his insanity as the director had thought:

The story ends with Arkham nursing wounded pride and wounded head, waiting for Arkham Asylum to be rebuilt.

Jeez. I can't wait to see how the Bat-villains fare at Monopoly. It'll be a slaughter.
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