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GL Corps #38

4 pages from today's GLC #38.

First Soranik and Iolande talk about Sinestro's parental revelation:

Then on Oa it turns out the Alpha Lanterns, under the orders of the Guardians (who just got back from the Vega system) have begun executing prisoners involved in the riot. Say goodbye to Nero (unless he comes back as a Black Lantern):

For disagreeing with the Guardians Kyle and Guy get sent to Earth though the Guardians do agree to spare the ones Kyle promised he'd give trials to.

And the Blackest Night begins:

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Mordru is going to be so pissed, since he thought of it first (

Of course, that was two or three Legion reboots ago, so maybe he won't even remember...

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This...this is what it's like to be in GEOFF JOHNS' HEAD! GYAHHH