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"When I created the Banshees in the first go round, I did something really dumb. I considered having a black woman be part of the team, and then didn't because in the real-life air service pilots in World War II, the two black women that applied were turned down because of racism. And I thought, well then, I can't have black women here either. Even though at the same time I was breaking all sorts of other rules. For some reason I thought it was okay for them to fight giant robots, but having a black woman was too much of a stretch. It's embarrassing, so when we were talking about bringing these characters back, I had a chance to correct that." - Kelly Sue DeConnick

In defiance of Doom's law, Carol and the Banshee make secret plans to blast off into outer space to see what's out there in the universe beyond Earth:

Date: 2015-10-29 03:29 am (UTC)
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I had wanted to skip all of the "Secret Wars" stuff, but I went ahead and got these. I wish it had moved a little quicker and fleshed things out a little more. There's a lot of setting-building in the first issue, and it felt like the second and third issues had a hard time keeping the pace up.

But I haven't just sat down and reread it all yet, so that's just how I remember it.

And, fair warning, the ending is a bit ambiguous. That might annoy some readers.

When does the new CM series start?


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