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Pinky, the gay Howling Commando!


No, not THAT guy. Ever since I heard Stan Lee claim that he made a soldier gay way back in the day, I've been curious to see Percival "Pinky" Pinkerton.



From Sgt Fury and the Howling Commandos #8

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Actually, Stan Lee, I think, is on record as saying Pinkerton was gay...

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How recently did Stan Lee say so? Like, mid-90's or did he let this drop, say, after he became involved with 'Hero'?

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2002 while defending the Rawhide Kid mini.

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Pretty recently. It's most probably an after-the-fact bit of opportunism, which is to say Stan Lee. But I think he did say it.

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Yeah, to be honest, I doubt if Stan was trying to sneak a gay hero past the Comics Code in 1964 or so. But looking back forty years later, he might reinterpret things that way in his own mind.

I think Pinky was supposed to be based on David Niven. That's how I've always heard his dialogue. And Ian Fleming thought Niven would be a good choice to play James Bond.