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This post centers on Impulse, because he's Impulse

I know He Who Must Not Be Named is persona non grata around her, but when I saw that the Young Justice 80-Page Giant was full of stories of other people writing YJ (admittedly, not as well), well, I had to share. I won't spoil the framing story, but suffice to say it's an excuse to present Young Justice in a bunch of cracky situations like hunting vampires in a silent film and being hit on by older women.

I don't know what's up with the western story, as instead of really having fun with the concept, it's just them saying lines of "Western" dialogue and then thought-bubbling about how lame their dialogue is. Next!

I'll pause for all the otaku in the audience to laugh uproariously.

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Uh, funny. I always see Naruto being based on Impulse. One, they hyperactive knuckleheads that can make clones of themselves who never look before leaping. And now they have Robin looking almost like Kakashi.... What issue is this?