Date: 2009-07-06 04:26 pm (UTC)
I confess, I still squee (just a tiny bit) whenever I read Jaime saying those two magic words.

The beauty of Rogers' run was really in the way that he made a legacy hero that everybody went in absolutely set to hate and turned that around completely. Ted Kord was pretty much a punchline when he was killed by Maxwell Lord, but people had a real affection for the character still, and were prepared to hate Jaime as much as they did Kyle when he replaced Hal.

Giffen and Rogers, but mostly Rogers, did it right. The main difference between the way Kyle and Jaime were handled was that for Kyle, readers kept being told how awesome he was. With Jaime, we were shown, and saw him grow into that awesomeness. If Kyle had been written like this when he started out, I think people would have been a bit less pissed off about him.

That penultimate issue of the arc, with Jaime revealing backup plan after backup plan even when stripped of his armor and the scarab, always staying at least one step ahead of the bad guys, culminating in that amazing screw you turnaround that Ted never managed to do... It wasn't just a callback to Ted's death - it was a callback to the moment Guy handed Ted's strategy books to Jaime and told him (I'm paraphrasing), "You can beat these guys... but you got to stop acting like a scared kid in powered armor, and start thinking like the Blue Beetle." Ted Kord would have been so, so proud.

I adored this series so much, and if anybody out there is listening, the only reason I was prompted to pick it up was because of the old scans_daily, so there.
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