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I voted for Pathetic KABASS, but it was a no go.

Just posting a few random marvel scans while I put together more Future TMNT scans.

One scan from New Avengers: The Reunion. Bobbi's been kidnapped by Skrulls. They're pretending to have a cook out.
Discuss: It must have been at least five years since the Skrull Mockingbird died. This scene must take place before that, yet SkrullTigra makes a LOLcats joke. Therefore, the Skrull's must have invented LOLcats! How fiendish!

Herc goes to the underworld, meets a familiar face.
Jan, the first step is admitting you've got a problem.

And in case you were wondering what Niles, Speedball's cat was doing before he joined up with The Pet Avengers.
I can see why he'd want a new gig.

Also, you can now vote on the current arc of "When Slash Fiction Goes Wrong."

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Well, I hope he eventually paid attention to her, because honestly, this nonsense has gone on for far too long. I mean, I actually kinda like the Penance costume - it's an interesting design - but it DOESN'T BELONG ON SPEEDBALL, dammit! It belongs on some sort of demonic torturer or religious fanatic, not on someone whose main superpower is going 'boing!'.

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'This' Speedball? So this isn't the actual Speedball/Penance in current MU continuity? HOPE!!

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Well, I can't honestly see Penance sticking around forever, anyway. The thing is, goofy, fun heroes have a much longer shelf-life than grim n' gritty ones, on the whole. Because there's really only so far you can go with grim 'n gritty before you get the equivalent of a sulky teenager with big guns, squatting in his room all day with big 'Keep out, this means you!' stickers all over the door, and firing off a fusillade of bullets while shouting 'go away and leave me alone!' when anyone comes near. Goofy and fun, on the other hand, is, well, FUN, and people buy superhero comics for the sake of entertainment. How many of those 'big guns and bad attitude' characters that sprang up in droves in the '80's have stuck around? Almost none of them, that's how many. Now look at how many of the 'fun' heroes are still being published in some form or another. Quite a few of them, because people ENJOY them. Eventually, Marvel will realize this and bring the old Speedball back, that's my theory.