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This was Garth Ennis's first Punisher story for Marvel. There's a lot that could be said but... well, that cover speaks for itself, doesn't it?

Flash forward to the present and the X-Men and the Avengers are having a battle with an alien attack force in Central Park. Frank Castle's wife and kid were at the park at the time.

He ends up shooting some other X-Men but is knocked out. Wolverine ends up slashing his face.

Castle is freed from prison by a secret society.

Spider-Man is fighting Venom in the sewer when Venom ends up getting fried by rigged electrical wires.

Punisher gets help from Microchip, who in this universe lost both of his legs to Dr. Octopus. He manages to kill the Hulk (after he turns back into Banner) and the Kingpin. He gets arrested but is broken out again by the society.

He goes after Dr. Doom next.

Frank steals all of Punisher's equipment, which includes a nuclear bomb.

Wolverine was in Japan at the time on a false lead from the Punisher. They later meet up again.

I think it should be said that Wolverine has actually been reduced to his skeleton before in actual canon and he's been able to regenerate his muscle and skin.

Punisher is arrested again.

Punisher escapes again and months later he's fighting Captain America. Cap tells him that he used to be soldier, but now he's just a disgrace.

The Punisher's last target is Daredevil. Beforehand he ends up killing the leader of the cabal when they want to keep him as their own private weapon against any future threats.

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