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Ninja Turtle Adventures #24-25

The greatest twist in the rivalry with the Shredder and the Turtles. Plus an interesting side of the Shredder we rarely see. Some Slash love will be seen too. Oh and some maskless Shredder will be had as well.

Continuing from my One Perfect Moment of the Shredder which you can view here:

This is probably my fav moment of toon Shredder. He has his enemies at his mercy (thanks to Bebop and Rocksteady), and he allows them to live. Why you ask? Well as already shown from link above in TMNT Adv #24, Shredder was enjoying a private moment by himself when he's confronted by the Turtles.

Of course this fight is crashed by another group, Shredder's former partners in crime: Krang, Bebop, and Rocksteady. Along with them are two inmates who helped Krang get access to said ship and escape from his prison: Bellybomb and Slash.

Fight ensues with Turtles, Slash, Bebop and Rocksteady. All the while Saki slips away from the brawl seeing a greater prize:

Next issue, #25 continues on:

Fighting resumes:

Ok I just had to post that for that nasty Bellybomb line. Short summary of the fighting: Slash beats Raph and leaves. Leo actually wounds Krang, but the later doesn't feel pain of the wound. Instead poor Shredder does, Krang continues to hold his own against Leo. The fight ends with Don and Mikey using their weapons like a fan to defeat Bellybomb. Raph wakes up see's Leo in trouble and jumps on Krang threatening to perform brain surgery if he doesn't ditch Shredder. Unlike Verminator X, Krang knows the turtle is telling the truth and he ain't bluffing:

Bebop and Rocksteady then take Bellybomb and Krang back to the prison planet to which they escaped from. The duo then return to the planet with animals they where dumped onto and are never seen again. As for Slash..


I apologize for the lack of Slash posts in this. He really was an awesome character in the Archie series. And his death was so damn awesome and so heroic. *sniffle*

But back to Shredder. Again I really loved that last panel of Saki. Poor Oroku. You could see how depressed he is all hunched over.

He does honor the debt in his next appearance when he and Verminator X take on the Turtles and they're at his mercy (#36). It's my one request. To see the Shredder moments of that issue scanned. Anyway hope you enjoyed it. I'll probably honor someone else's request next from several months ago. I'll scan how Shredder got involved in Future Shark Trilogy.

Then a Leo centric tale from Tales of TMNT vol 2 #5. Till then...

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Great stuff.

We really need scans from the arc where Slash dies. That was definitely a series high point, insofar as the sort of way the death of Dinobot in Beast Wars was a great episode.

--LBD "Nytetrayn"