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It's a great one, a giant in the acquisition of and profiting from sources of energy.

It's a bad one, an octopus with no inclinations against crushing and sweeping aside everything in its way.

It employed the telepath Mentallo to protect its expedition to Monster Island, which it'd bought from Japan so that it could have at all its oil deposits.

It was consequently embarrassed when Mentallo had the rest of the expedition killed and demanded eight million dollars to relinquish the control he had over the island and its giant inhabitants.

It was more so when the ransom was paid.

So, as the X-Men found themselves dealing with Mentallo, Roxxon dealt with the man who'd paid it over.

(Most corporations'll book your Samarran appointment in a conference room, or your manager's office.

Not Roxxon, though; they'll put you out on the carpet.)

(Would that there was one more narration box, with a grey background and the sound of a silenced pistol.

That's the sound of Mentallo detonating a whole bunch of explosives to ruin the island, as a middle finger to Roxxon, by the way- at least, that's what he's thinking it is.

Oh yes, pagecount- 2 of 22 from Astonishing X-Men #41.)

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Well, at least Roxxon didn't drag their feet on the poor mans severance package.


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