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This is my last Silver Age post. Tomorrow it's back to the Golden Age.

Golden Age Steven Trevor was a cool guy. He wasn't in the least intimidated by the fact that his girlfriend could overpower him with one hand tied behind her back (which it often was), he thought she was the bee's knees. Plus he did plenty of heroic stuff on his own, without any superpowers.

Silver Age Steven Trevor, however, was a dick.

These are from Wonder Woman #130, 1962, 30 pages long. You can see a few more scans from this issue here, but all the scans I posted here I did myself. The story's basically about how the Amazing Amazon gets fed up with the way Steven Trevor treats her badly as Diana Prince.

She tells her mother about it.

What, don't all sovereigns have secret identities as foot soldiers in their own armies?

Also, notice that there's been no indication that Hercules is dating the "secret identity" queen (cunningly disguised, as you see). So basically she's pissed at him for telling someone else how terrific she is.

Okay, if my girlfriend suddenly sprouted a second head, I think I'd freak out too.

So Wonder Woman invites Steve to go to a carnival with her and plants the mirage mirrors there before they arrive.

Naturally, her temporary malformation proves to be useful in fighting crime!

The next mirror makes her appear abnormally tall and skinny and that form also turns out to be useful in fighting the random crimes that happen to pass by. Then:

This is the earliest instance I know of the oft-attempted but never successfully completed Superman/Wonder Woman pairing. (Note: If you know of any others, I'd appreciate the issue numbers. Thanks!)
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