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Why it sucks to be Kurt Wagner (or: "Healing factors are for sissies")

Let's take a look at just how much punishment Kurt's taken the last couple years:

X-men #205 (part 5 of Messiah Complex)

And here is his awakening in the infirmary in New X-men #46 (chapter twelve of Messiah Complex). When trying to figure out the timeline, I came up with this being merely a couple days afterwards:

This is from the following chapter of MC - X-men #207. He's looking awfully spry for someone who was just teleported away from the infirmary after waking up from a near-lethal wound. And I have no idea where his bandages went:

After Messiah Complex was over and he went on vacation with Logan and Piotr. He's still healing from the wound and is using a cane.
In Uncanny X-men #497, this happens:

And in Uncanny X-men #498, this:

Still, right after that, (Uncanny X-men #499), he takes care of Omega Red:

In Uncanny X-men #500, he is punched in the face by Magneto. I don't have the comic, so no scan, sorry, but I wanted to point it out because of the insult to injury.

Moving on,
Secret Invasion: X-men #2:

And in #4, he gets punched in the lower regions by a Skrull, but I do not have the issue, so no scan.

X-Infernus #1:

And then came his X-men: Manifest Destiny - Nightcrawler one-shot. Where he decides to quit the X-men for some reason. He gets shot anyway:

But hey, all in a day's work:

Kurt returns to the X-men, re-invigorated! And in Uncanny X-men #509, he gets stabbed by Spiral. No issue, so no scan. But this time, Elixir heals him and from Kurt's amazed reaction, I take it it's the first time.

And then we have Wolverine Origins #34, where he gets stabbed in the guts by Daken.
He gives something back, though. He may be injury-prone, but you can't complain about his fighting spirit:

From Wolverine: Origins #35


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It's starting to get ridiculous, isn't it?

One could start to think the reason why he was in the background for so many years was because he knew exactly what would happen should he step forward.

Guy sure is lucky the bad guys in the Marvel Universe are about as accurate with killing shots as imperial storm troopers >_>

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Maybe the bad guys have caught on that killing X-Men doesn't take so they just go for the hurt instead?

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Injuring X-Men keeps them out of the action for about as long as killing them, without the added threat of Wolverine or whomever coming after them in revenge while they're dead.

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Wasn't there a World War Hulk: X-men tie-in where Hulk pointed out that injuring X-men was more effective than killing them? Not only was death not likely to stick, but if you injure one, then the other team members are forced to rescue the injured one, which is a distraction.