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Let's take a look at just how much punishment Kurt's taken the last couple years:

X-men #205 (part 5 of Messiah Complex)

And here is his awakening in the infirmary in New X-men #46 (chapter twelve of Messiah Complex). When trying to figure out the timeline, I came up with this being merely a couple days afterwards:

This is from the following chapter of MC - X-men #207. He's looking awfully spry for someone who was just teleported away from the infirmary after waking up from a near-lethal wound. And I have no idea where his bandages went:

After Messiah Complex was over and he went on vacation with Logan and Piotr. He's still healing from the wound and is using a cane.
In Uncanny X-men #497, this happens:

And in Uncanny X-men #498, this:

Still, right after that, (Uncanny X-men #499), he takes care of Omega Red:

In Uncanny X-men #500, he is punched in the face by Magneto. I don't have the comic, so no scan, sorry, but I wanted to point it out because of the insult to injury.

Moving on,
Secret Invasion: X-men #2:

And in #4, he gets punched in the lower regions by a Skrull, but I do not have the issue, so no scan.

X-Infernus #1:

And then came his X-men: Manifest Destiny - Nightcrawler one-shot. Where he decides to quit the X-men for some reason. He gets shot anyway:

But hey, all in a day's work:

Kurt returns to the X-men, re-invigorated! And in Uncanny X-men #509, he gets stabbed by Spiral. No issue, so no scan. But this time, Elixir heals him and from Kurt's amazed reaction, I take it it's the first time.

And then we have Wolverine Origins #34, where he gets stabbed in the guts by Daken.
He gives something back, though. He may be injury-prone, but you can't complain about his fighting spirit:

From Wolverine: Origins #35


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You might be thinking of Ultimate X-Men. Their uniforms were made out of some kind of improved Kevlar that could stop rifle rounds.

(One of the few times Mark Millar EVER had a good idea...)


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