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1992 Macross' Japanese distributors Big West wanted to release a sequel series to the popular Super Dimensional Fortress Macross, but the creators at Studio Nue were not interested at that time. So Big West went ahead with their own series (retaining only character designer Haruhiko Mikimoto) Macross II Lovers Again, based the movie version of Macross.

It also borrowed a lot from Roman Holiday, which I will be focusing on with these scans.

(note for page counts each issue in US comic format was 31, or 32 pages long there are also two clips from Roman Holiday amounting to about 7 minutes of it's 2 hr run time, and the intro and second closing theme of Macross II)

(Issue 1)

An inconspicuous man and woman find themselves surrounded by a news crew.

(Issue 2)

Hibiki is acting as pilot for the war correspondent seen earlier. Dennis brings him around to understanding they have to present the battle as unbiased as possible even though the UN Spacy is getting it's ass kicked. They manage to board one of the enemy's ships.

(Issue 3)

"So there are Zentran and Meltran Micrones on your planet?"

Okay so aside from the general theme of a reporter showing a girl with an isolated life a good time, while angling for a news scoop (and both of them having to weigh duty against their feelings for each other, or their fascination with the culture of the common people)... this is one of the biggest scene lifts from Roman Holiday the scene where Audrey Hepburn gets her hair cut short.

Another scene lifted (even more closely) from Roman Holiday... the Mouth of Truth scene

There is a few more storybeats in Macross II that are taken from Roman Holiday... the main ones being that Ishtar returns to her role of Emulator at the end of the movie, and Hibiki gives her the photos and videos he's taken rather than selling them to the network. But the presence of the Macross Love Triangle kinda softens the impact cause he'd already decided to go with Silvie before that point. But I always kinda thought the Roman holiday inspiration in the anime was kinda neat.

Though the other Macross sequels do have more interesting premises which the space colonization stories allow, so it's understandable why this one was rendered non-canon.

Written by Sukehiro Tomita
Illustrated by Tsuguo Okazaki

Date: 2016-06-28 03:41 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] astrakhan42
Ramba Ral, Commander of UN Spacy... until he popped up in Build Fighters, this was a pretty good gig for him. (And then in Build Fighters Try he finally got the Dom he deserved... I may need to post some scans of his arc of Origin, I love that series.)


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